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Successfully moving to a public cloud is a long-term investment in time, planning, effort, and adoption and requires new paradigms and tools. Organizations that embark on this public cloud journey must also be prepared to meet the technical and business challenges presented by regulatory requirements, legacy applications, latency, and data sovereignty, among others. Many companies start off with a DIY cloud strategy. They typically end up spinning cycles architecting and rearchitecting because they weren’t aware of all the pitfalls or how the various cloud components work together. CloudArkitecture explores solutions to help identify which Cloud services have the capabilities best suited for an organization's unique needs. With a focus on discussion and whiteboarding, this is your chance to get your specific questions answered.

CloudArkitecture will make recommendations on the next phases for your cloud journey for which CloudArkitecture can continue to provide guidance and support. By programmatically deploying a standardized foundational infrastructure (Infrastructure as Code, or IaC) on a Cloud Provider, with best practices with your specific organizational and security requirements for work in the cloud

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